Compare and prevent bullies from school to workplace

Bullying happens everywhere and is closely related to the lack of empathy. Without understanding how others feel, bullying, no matter in school and workplace may threat people’s health mentally and physically. For cases of school bullying, many have been heated debate in China with more and more bullying happening and spread on social media, which invokes parents’ concern about the reason behind bullying. What caused the lack of empathy? What are the bullies seeking to achieve behind their actions? For cases of workplace bullying, the most common example happens due to racial and gender discrimintation. While I have heard of others’ who are yellow skinned or females being unfairly treated due to racial and gender discrimination, and bullied at in workplace, I hope to find the reasons for the loss of empathy for adulthood. Based on those two circumstances listed above, I hope to compare the reasons for empathy loss in school settings and workplace. In this way, my question will be what are the reasons for the lack of empathy concerning bullies from school to workplace and how we can prevent it.

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  1. This would be a valuable research piece. It would provide some very good insight into the prevention and even strategies to prevent bullying in schools and the workplace.

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