Summary about the concept.

The term that I want to point out from Hoffman’s article is “familiarity bias”. The concept “familiarity bias” was used by Hoffman in the section “14.5.1 Empathy’s limitations” to illustrate the vulnerable parts for empathy in decision making process. “Familiarity bias” demonstrates that people will tend to feel more eager to help a distressed person if the victim shared very close relationship with them. And this bias can greatly influence people’s decisions when they have to make selection like whether to donate money to a strange girl suffered from illness or donate money to their own niece that suffered from illness. And when different cultures gather together, people are more likely to help and protect their own cultural brothers and sisters than help people from different cultures. Hoffman makes this concept to point out that though empathy plays its important role in decision making process ,it still has drawbacks, and this is one of them. The reason I think this concept largely contributes the article is that Hoffman actually makes a concession when raise this concept and draw the conclusion that empathy dose play a very important role, but understanding the both sides of it thoroughly would make it even better and helpful in decision making. The raise of this concept helps Hoffman make a more thoughtful and thorough statement about empathy and decision making.

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