Research Proposal: Separating Vengeance from Vigilante Justice

The quote “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” has often been attributed to Gandhi, to warn people against committing another crime to rectify the one that came before it. But it is not this cautionary quote that concerns me. What’s intriguing is how we can simultaneously agree with this and still justify vigilantism, or vigilante justice. According to Cornell Law, “Vigilante justice often describes the actions of a single person or group of people who claim to enforce the law but lack the legal authority to do so” (Cornell University Law School). But I would like to narrow the range of vigilante justice to be examined. I want to look specifically at the type of vigilante justice that involves an individual taking the law into their own hands “to effect justice according to one’s own understanding of right and wrong” (“Vigilante”). As one may point out, an individual’s understanding of right and wrong is subjective, allowing certain people to empathize with one set of morals over another. I believe this can factor into the one’s opinion on whether or not a certain instance of vigilantism is warranted.

Generally, vigilante justice is only accepted under certain circumstances, but I would like to analyze the reason for this and identify the circumstances in which vigilante action is justifiable through the lens of empathy. Because there are at least two sides to a crime, one that benefits from the crime and one that is harmed by it. When one seeks out their own form of vigilante justice, they may inadvertently hurt more people than were previously involved, thus causing more damage. How do we decide when one crime can fix another, and how do we decide whose pain is more important? No two people can always agree upon the circumstances upon which vigilantism is justified nor the extent to which the crime should be punished — if at all. The reason for this difference in opinion stems from the amount and type of empathy that people have for the vigilante’s cause and those negatively impacted by the vigilantism. I want to examine how empathy impacts our perspectives on vigilante justice and circumstances in which its use becomes justified.

Multiple factors play a role in determining whether or not vigilante justice is acceptable to us. Some include our regard for the specific law being broken, our relatability to each side, and our judgment on whether or not justice has been served. Some sources I would like to consider include Martin L. Hoffman’s “Empathy, Justice, and the Law,” to help explain the feelings that can invoke empathy in people. I would like to specifically look at the empathic feeling of injustice that compels people to act on behalf of other because I feel that it is this sensation that compels people to seek out vigilante justice as a form of helping others.  Another source I plan on using is David Fidler’s “The Snowden Reader,” which details the events of Edward Snowden’s decision to release information about the NSA spying on the American people and the subsequent reactions to his choice. While not quite apparent at first, Snowden can be considered a vigilante of sorts. On the one hand, he was a traitor for releasing his country’s secrets, but he also felt as if there was a moral obligation to tell the American people that their basic rights were being violated. I would like to use Snowden as an example for analyzing how the empathy different people have can influence their opinion of Snowden as a hero or villain. Additionally, I am going to use sources that analyze empathy’s limits and biases when connecting to others, as well as a source investigating the instances in which vigilante justice is acceptable to society.

Vigilante justice is a tricky thing that toes the line between heroism and crime, depending who you ask. But everyday, people are faced with great injustices that the law either refuses to address or is incapable of answering. And if given a great enough injustice, people are given little choice but to act beyond the law to promote some kind of justice. Indeed, many vigilantes have been counted throughout history, even heralded as heroes. Countless crimes have been committed for the sake of doing what was right in the perpetrator’s opinion. But what separates the criminals from the vigilantes is our empathy for them.

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285 thoughts on “Research Proposal: Separating Vengeance from Vigilante Justice

  1. I believe your proposal is focusing on examining the elements that justifies a revenge or one who takes the law into one’s own hands. Vigilante justice can turn out to be either accepted or neglected by society and thus the person who took the action would be a community hero or criminal respectively. The key terms I see in your proposal includes vigilante justice. empathy, moral, judgement, crime, and basic rights.
    I enjoy your opening with Gandhi’s quote, it helps me understand your point better, grasps the main focus immediately, and intrigues imagination. It is also very interesting to see discussions about something so controversial, where everyone’s opinion may be different.

  2. Your proposal is very lengthy and detailed, and there is no doubt that you will have plenty to discuss in your research paper. You bring up many various topics, some that are common sense and some that are much more debatable, which opens a lot of opportunities for you to talk about these things in your paper. Your proposal offers at least two distinctive sides (for vigilante justice and opposed). I also think it was smart to describe some of your key sources that will (potentially) have the greatest impact on your writing. However, I think with all of your description of potential topics, you may have made this too broad to answer in an 8-10 page paper. Your key question also seems to get lost in here, because reading through, I thought I had found it multiple times, only to seem like another statement was more adequate.
    >>>I want to examine how empathy impacts our perspectives on vigilante justice and circumstances in which its use becomes justified.
    This part seems like it is the best summary of what you plan on researching, and it makes sense once you consider the entirety of your proposal, but there’s no harm in trying to make this a little more obvious. The key terms here are clear enough and somewhat specific, in that it is clear what you are going to discuss but they may not be specific enough that you can limit your conversation on this to the right length of a paper. Otherwise, I think your proposal is well thought out and has plenty of potential for a great research paper.

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