Blog Assignment 6 – Go Set a Watchman

Now that you’ve read Go Set a Watchman and learned about its publication history and controversial reception, you will respond to the novel in your own way. You can choose any aspect of the novel to respond to, but here are a couple of questions you may want to consider:

  • Much has been made about the changes to Atticus Finch’s character. But some writers see continuity (and others have suggested that we had Atticus wrong to begin with). What about you? Where do you see substantive change in Atticus’ character? Where do you see continuity?
  • Jean Louise reacts initially with disgust when she discovers the “truth” about her father and Hank. Many readers have had similar reactions. But by end of the novel her position has softened considerably. What about your own? How do you respond to this novel’s version of Atticus and the town of Maycomb? How do you respond to Jean Louise’s own response to that?

However you choose to respond, you should cite specific passages from the text, and provide analysis of those passages to support your response. Make sure your post is cited according to the guidelines I’ve provided. Your post should be 500-750 words in length, and is due by the beginning of class on Tuesday, October 25.

91 thoughts on “Blog Assignment 6 – Go Set a Watchman

  1. Tämä katso kuvaa pyllystäni -asetelma vaivaa minua. Miksi kuvaamme takamuksiamme someen? Eikö se ole noloa? Tyrkkyä? Vain pari vuotta sitten ajattelimme, että itsensä kuvaaminen nettiin ylipäätään on noloa ja tyrkkyä. Sitten totuimme siihen. Pitikö panoksia nostaa? Oliko tämä luonnollinen jatkumo?

  2. order to do this, I intend to not only uncover the beneficial effects of empathy, but the harmful effects as well. For instance, it appears perceived empathy (believing one’s partner empathizes with them, or is trying to empath

  3. The book is showing that no one is perfect. It shows how Jean Louise saw Atticus as a godlike figure who was perfect but every man has flaws and this book shows how an older person like Atticus resents the changing times and attempts to keep things the way they were. But the main lesson the book teaches is not to dismiss other people’s prejudices but try to understand them.

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