Blog 2: Closing Statement

Members of the jury this case boils to evidence and testimony. I am here to ask you whether you will use the evidence presented to reach a verdict, or rather hearsay delivered in this courtroom today. What is the evidence? We know that the state has failed to deliver any medical evidence connecting Tom Robinson to the crime. We are also aware of the fact that the state’s Chief witness, Mayella Ewell, was beaten by an individual who has functionality of both hands and greater control of the left. And yet we have charged, and are bringing, a man who cannot be placed at the scene of the crime nor has the function of his left hand to question. What the defense has successfully done, however, is present two witnesses who have failed to bring coherent testimonies to the events of the crime when compared to the information given to us by the State’s Chief witness, Mayella Ewell. I ask once again; will you use evidence or testimony to reach a decision?

Tom Robinson stands before you, charged on the basis of a stereotype, the basic assumption that all black men are dangerous. And yet Tom Robinson is a kind hearted man, all he ever did was help Mayella because he felt sorry for her. Mayella Ewell is fragile, ignorant and a victim of manipulation. Who would not feel sorry for her?

I do not want to be part of a courtroom that does not believe that a black man has the capacity to feel, not just feel, but feel like a young ignorant and helpless woman deserves compassion. And that is all Tom Robinson did, he had a sense of compassion and humanity. When I look at Mayella Ewell I see a helpless and unfortunate woman, a woman in need of help. Does the color of Tom Robinson’s skin blind him from her misfortune? The state has continued to play to the exhibition that black men are dangerous and expect the court to do the same. Their case is based on the assumption that no black man has the ability to feel because all they are capable of is violence. Dare I say that in many ways Tom Robinson is similar to you and me – he feels. And just like you and I would, he felt for Mayella.

This brave black man is willing to stand and fight for what is right, he is willing to stand for honesty even though it may be difficult because of our societal norms. He stands here in a courtroom filled with jurors who are more similar to the two men who lied on the stand just to see Tom Robinson pay for a crime he did not commit. I admire Tom, he is willing to stand for what we believe in as a community. He stands for honesty; he will not make a mockery of the court nor will he do what would be easier – accepting what the state considers to be his fate. Because in what world can the word of a white man be overruled by that of a black man? In a world I strive to live in, the word of an honest man will always overrule that of a dishonest one.

Once again I will ask: today, will you allow justice to be based on hearsay or evidence?

Work Cited:
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13 thoughts on “Blog 2: Closing Statement

  1. There is an appeal to logos when you say that Tom Robinson could not have been the one to beat Mayella because he has no control over his left hand, and the person who did beat her used mostly his left hand. This is an appeal to logos because it follows a clear train of logic. Someone who can’t use their left hand can’t beat someone with their left hand, it’s a fact.

    If I were a racist southern juror in the 1930s and this was the closing argument that I was presented, I don’t think that I would acquit Tom Robinson. The argument is very compelling in 2016, but in the 1930s there was still so much racial prejudice ingrained in white men that I don’t think they would be swayed into believing that black people and equal to white people after just one speech. You also said that Tom Robinson could not be placed at the scene of the crime, which was not true. If I were a juror that error would make me question whether or not I could trust the rest of the facts presented in your argument.

  2. In this final appeal, the writer makes strong use of logos, noting how it could not have been possible for Tom Robinson, who has lost use of his left hand, to have beaten Mayella Ewell so viciously based on the injuries reported. Additionally, the authority of the Ewell’s is called into question when their testimonies fail to align, further detracting one’s support from the Ewell’s hearsay as opposed to solid evidence established by the defense. Lastly, the author commands a splendid use of pathos to remind the jury that all men in this courtroom would have felt pity for Mayella Ewell’s circumstances regardless of skin color and background. The fact the Tom Robinson was black had nothing to do with how he was an upstanding member of society with a strong moral backbone. The writer then begins to ask the jury if they, white men who are considered superior to black men in the south during the 1930’s, would be able to act with those same moral principles in mind, thus bringing their pride and credibility as honest men into question.

    Personally, this closing argument would convince me to acquit Tom Robinson as it calls my pride and sense of humanity into question. Furthermore, the closing argument clearly demonstrates the facts of the court case and provides strong evidence to acquit Tom Robinson on account of his innocence. When viewing Tom Robinson as another human being looking out for his neighbors, as a juror, I am inclined to acquit Tom Robinson not only because he did what was right, there is strong evidence supporting that he had no role in the crime.

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