Hourly Labor Rates
  • Student Organizations: $13/hr
  • River Campus Departments: $22/hr
  • Other: $30/hr
Late Request Fee
  • Our crew meets once a week to determine our staff schedule for the week. As a result, we require that all requests for service be made with at least 8 days notice. Any requests made inside of 8 days will incur a late request fee.
  • The late request fee is calculated as 30% of the total charges for your event or a $8 minimum.
Basic Pricing
Group No Show Policy
  • Rooms will be opened by the beginning of the event time. If you requested set-up time as part of your reservation, then the room will be opened by the start of the Reserved time. If there is not a representative from the group present by the time the technician is scheduled to leave, the room will be locked and the event will be recorded as a no-show.
  • No shows will incur charges even if the original reservation did not. (1 hour labor + late charge)
  • If you do not show up to a late reservation, your group will be charged the full amount for your original reservation.
  • If you need to change the start time of your event or reservation, please contact Lynn or K.May.
Forms Please visit our Forms Page to download any forms you might need.