Playback Devices

CD Players
Event Support owns several different models of CD players, from single disc players to 5 disc changers.
DJ Top Rack
This all-inclusive unit features two CD players, a DJ Mixer, and a microphone.
Cassette Player
We have one if you would like to use it.
iPod/Laptop Auido Cables (1/8th Inch)
Event Support owns several 1/8 inch cables, which enable us to play music from anything with a standard headphone jack including IPods and other MP3 Players as well as laptops. Clients need to provide their own iPod, MP3 player, or laptops

Recording Devices

CD Recorder
Event Support can record the audio of your program directly to CDs. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like multiple copies.
Cassette Recorder
Event Support can also record the audio of your program to a cassette tape if you would prefer.


Event Support owns a Yamaha P-200 keyboard with an accompanying stand and bench. This model features a graded hammer effect, which makes it feel more like an acoustic piano.
Rental Instruments & Backline
Event Support does not own any other instruments or backline, but we can certainly arrange for a rental from one of our vendors if your event requires it. If you do need to rent gear, please let us know as early in your event-planning process as possible so we have time to make the arrangements. Please be as specific as possible when letting us know what we need to rent.
DI Box
If you have instruments with an electric pick-up, we can connect your instrument to our sound systems through a DI box without renting amps if you prefer.