We own a variety of Shure and Audio-Technica microphones that have a wide range of applications. We will determine which microphone will best serve your needs. If you have a particular microphone that you use for your instrument, please let us know so we can possibly rent that specific piece of equipment for your event.
Lectern Microphones
Shure MX412
We carry a variety of microphones that can be installed at a lectern for your event. The Shure MX412 microphone (shown in the image on the left) is our preferred microphone to use for this application. They provide good clarity for speech reproduction and work well for active presenters who are animated when they speak.
Wireless Microphone Systems
Shure SLX Wireless
Wireless microphones are very versatile and work well for almost any application. We have three different configurations available. Handheld microphones are useful for speakers and MC’s who need to be able to walk around. For applications where you do not want to have to hold onto a microphone, you can choose to wear a lavalier mic, which is a clip-on microphone or a headset mic which wraps behind your head over your ears. Both the headset and lavalier mics also require a wireless pack which can be clipped onto your belt or put in your pocket.
Vocal Microphones
Shure SM58
Similar to wireless microphones, their wired counterparts also produce great sound quality. Wired microphones are less fragile and are less prone to interference, making them the best choice for vocal performances or rock concerts.
Instrument Microphones
Shure SM57

We have an assortment of microphones for amplifying instruments. We can mic a variety of instruments, including but not limited to:

  • Guitar/Bass
  • Drums
  • Stringed Instruments
  • Piano/Keyboards
We also have playback devices for music on CDs and iPods.