Due to its versatility and portability, the JBL JRX 115 is the most frequently used speaker in our inventory. This sound system is efficient for a wide variety of events ranging from a speaker at a lectern to a dance show that needs a powerful punch to the music. The speaker has a large output volume compared to it’s size, and its output is more than adequate for most events that take place on campus.

EAW 153

Similar to the JBL JRX 115 speakers, the EAW 153’s also produce high quality audio. Although they are older speakers, they have an extra speaker driver allowing the speaker to produce a cleaner sound quality. Although they are a little bit larger than the JBL JRXs, they are ideal for smaller bands and vocal performances.

JBL SRX 725 + JBL SRX 718S

By combining these two speakers, we get what we refer to as our “Concert Sound System”. A full concert sound system includes 4 mid-high range speakers and 8 subwoofers. Half concert (which is often used for smaller venues) includes 2 mid-high range speakers with 4 subwoofers. The full concert system is quite powerful and is used mainly for concerts in Douglass. These are very high quality speakers and can be used for a variety of events, such as performances in Strong Auditorium and concerts in the May Room or Douglass.


This all-in-one sound system is perfect for simple events that do not require a technician to stay for your event’s duration. The sound system includes a wireless microphone and a built-in CD player. This and another simple sound system we own are commonly used for fairs in Hirst lounge or other small-scale events.