Event Support owns a variety of equipment to meet your lighting needs. Please refer to our Lighting Design Options prior to meeting with us to make your meeting go as smoothly as possible.

Below is a list of the lighting packages we offer to meet the specific lighting needs of each event we support.

Lighting Packages:

Small Traveling Lighting Package
  • Event Support’s smallest lighting system is a portable 8 light system most frequently used for small venue lighting and DJs.
Larger Traveling Lighting Package
  • When supporting a program in Douglass, we can supplement the small traveling lighting package with the truss, an additional 16 lights, and a black curtain backdrop.
May Room
  • The May Room has an installed lighting grid, which allows for more extensive lighting options.
  • For your convenience, there is a standard light design that remains in place year-round, which can be applied to most events in the May Room. This preset includes white lighting for two different stage sizes in the apex, and 5 color washes (red, blue, purple, pink, and yellow) as well as white lighting for two different stage sizes along the brick wall.
  • We can add to or change anything with the lights. Changes to the lighting system will incur labor charges at the prevailing rate for the group.
Strong Auditorium
  • Since Strong Auditorium is a shared space between departments, there is no preset or standard lighting package for Strong. As a result, the lighting for each show is designed based on the requests of the group.
  • One of the lighting options that is unique to Strong is the cyclorama, a backdrop onto which colored light is projected.
  • For lighting options and ideas, please refer to the Lighting Design Options.