This is an outline of the different varieties of equipment that we own and their potential applications for use. We have not listed everything that we own–we’ve instead broken our inventory down into the basic large categories.

The purpose of this page is more to illustrate what we currently possess at our disposal for a given event and help you in your planning process before you come to meet with the Event Support staff–this is not intended for you to use to design your own event. You are still required to have a meeting because there are no standard events; every event is assigned equipment based upon the requests for its usage.

To set up a meeting about your event please contact either Lynn Stork or Katherine May:

  • or x52333
  • or x64066

Please note that Event Support no longer offers video taping as a service. However, you can find a list of vendors who do provide this service by clicking here.

*Event Support does not rent out equipment to groups without supporting the event. This means, for example, that you cannot rent/borrow a set of speakers.*