Location: Wilson Commons 4th Floor

Maximum Occupancy: 300 (this number is for an empty room; no furniture, no stage)

  • Theater style with Stage: ~225 seats
  • Theater style with Stage but no chairs: 280 standing (including performers)
  • Banquet style (no buffet, no stage): ~224 seats
  • Banquet style (no buffet, with an 8’x8′ stage): ~208 seats
  • Banquet style (with buffet and 8’x8′ stage): ~176 seats

*If chairs are placed for your event, then there is no standing room available for extra guests due to fire restrictions.*

Capabilities of the Space:

The May Room is a good multipurpose room. It has the ability to transform from a small theater, to a great place for a lecture, to a nice place to dine. The ability of the May Room to make such transitions is due to the fact that it is equipped with certain amenities.

  • Attached to the event space is a kitchen equipped with a fridge, freezer, counter space and a sink. This allows caterers a good space in which to work and store food.
  • There are two dressing rooms for performers use before, after, and during a performance.
  • A built in house sound, which can be used for basic sound needs.
  • An installed lighting system that has presets for stages on either ends of the room. For a stage along the brick wall there are 5 color light washes (red, blue, pink, yellow, purple) and a full white light, for two standard stage sizes. For a stage in the apex there is only white light, also with two standard stage sizes.

*Please Note: whatever event you wish to host in the May Room it is your responsibility to return the room to the state in which it was found. This includes cleaning out the kitchen, dressing rooms, and the removal of large trash items from the event space. Failure to do so will result in a $50 fine.*

Examples of Setup:

NJR concert

Student Life Awards, 2010

Winterfest Weekend, 2010

Vagina Monologues, 2009

May Room Speaker Event in Apex