Location: 2nd floor of the Fredrick Douglass Building

Maximum Occupancy:

  • Dining set up: 352 people
  • Concert with stage: 700 people

Douglass is a large space that can be used for several different large event styles. In the past this space has accommodated a variety of events, from Boar’s Head Dinner to concerts with full bands or just DJ. A standard concert set in Douglass includes:

  • Full JBL concert sound, which is comprised of 4 mid-high speakers and 8 sub-woofers
  • A full stage, with a maximum size of 24’x16′
  • A truss system for lights an a black backdrop to hang off of
  • Concert lighting package, 16 par cans above the stage and 8 in front for front light

This is just a generic example of the set up that can be done for a concert in Douglass, it can always vary with the needs of your event.

Please note that reservation requests will not be accepted for Douglass within 3 weeks of your event. To receive a confirmed reservation for Douglass, you must have completed the Douglass User Agreement that accompanied your request and have returned it to the Wilson COmmons Reservation Coordinator prior to two weeks in advance of your event.

*Please keep in mind that if you have furniture needs than you have to contact Dave Butterbaugh with facilities at (585) 273-5501*

Examples of Setups:

Spring Concert 2010

Boar's Head 2009