These steps are meant to provide a general outline for the process of planning an event with our office.  They are not exhaustive, but they should provide a guideline for how the process works.

STEP 1: Decide where you would like to hold your event.

STEP 2: Submit a reservation request.

  • For a list of spaces that are reserved through the Event Support office, click here
  • If your event is in a space reserved through our office, contact Saundra Peters. She may tell you to fill out a “green form”, which you can download here and return completed to our office.
  • Your reservation is not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation email.

STEP 3: Request any needed services from Event Support

  • Consult our list of services for an overview of the equipment we own.  For the estimated costs associated with these services, view our prices.
  • Small requests can be submitted via email to Lynn or K.May.
  • If you have more extensive requests, you will need to schedule a meeting with Lynn or K.May.
  • Please complete the form that pertains to the location of your event and bring it to your meeting.
  • View our policies to make sure that your request is submitted correctly
  • Service is not guaranteed unless you have received a confirmation. This is a separate confirmation than you should have received from your initial confirmation from Saundra for your space.

STEP 4: Provide Event Support with any additional information regarding set up.

  • Provide event support with a description of the setup you would like.  (ex: where would you like the furniture, stage, projection screen, etc.)

Please visit our Additional Resources page for additional information on other aspects of the event planning process.