Flex Wedge Rentals:

There are four flex wedges available for student groups in Wilson Commons. These wedges are permanently affixed in locations on the first and second floor of Wilson Commons. The first floor wedges are adjacent to the Common Market on the wall. They are identified as 1-A nearest to Common Market and 1-B next to Ruth Merrill Center. The second floor wedges are 2-A which is next to stairs of Hirst Lounge, and 2-B which is located near the exit doors by the porch and near the women’s bathroom. All flex wedge reservations are on a first come first serve basis. The request form is available at the Common Connection and should be put in the mailbox for Beverly Buscemi. The wedge rental automatically comes with a table and will be assigned by location availability. The requests period for the fall term 2010 begins August 27th, 2010, and the beginning request date for spring term 2011 begins November 16th 2010. Each group is limited to 3 request periods per semester. Each request period can be up to five consecutive days based on availability. Any group that does not cancel their wedge requests by email to Beverly Buscemi at least 24 hours before their event will be fined $25 and the group privileges will be suspended.

The flex wedges are used primarily for donations and fundraising by sales of items. They are not to be used for admission tickets, dues or tickets of any kind. The requests form for submission will require the actual information about the sales and donations being solicited and will need a signature by an adviser prior to submission to be considered valid.

All rentals are charged either by .10 per transaction or $3 per day depending on which is higher.

Flex/URos forms can be found here or on the CCC Hive Website under Resources for Student Organizations.