Five reservable information table locations are available in Wilson Commons for vending, fundraising, and distribution of information and organization materials. These are non-flex locations. The following procedures are provided to facilitate the utilization of these information table spaces. If you are interested in reserving a Flex/URos wedge and location, please complete a Flex/URos request at the Common Connection.

1. The distribution of leaflets, handbills, samples, and other types of materials may take place only in a reserved area.

2. When the distribution is over, the organization/individual is responsible for picking up any of the remaining materials.

3. At least one member of the sponsoring group must be present for the entire tabling activity. If a group chooses to work with a non-University entity for fundraising, or any other reason, a representative of the group must be present at the table location for the duration of the reservation. This includes any setup and cleanup.

4. All individuals present for tabling must remain behind the table. Soliciting is absolutely NOT permitted in Wilson Commons.

5. To reserve an information table in Wilson Commons, please submit a green Wilson Commons Reservation Request Form to the Reservation Coordinator, Saundra Peters, as far in advance as possible (two weeks is recommended). Reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Groups are not guaranteed table space.

6. Table reservations are assigned in time blocks. These blocks are 9am to 2pm, 2pm to 7pm, and 7pm to midnight. Please indicate your time selections on the green Wilson Commons Reservation Request Form. Multiple time blocks may be requested for each day.

7. You may reserve an information table for a maximum of 8 days per group per event. No table reservations are permitted during Orientation, Commencement, or Meliora Weekend.

8. A group may not have multiple table reservations for the same day.

9. When a group makes a table reservation, a location will be assigned, giving as much attention to the group’s location preference as possible. You must use the assigned space.

10. Flex tables are only reserved with a flex machine. Flex/URos request forms are available at the Common Connection Desk, and specific questions may be directed to Beverly Buscemi (

11. Wilson Commons does not provide storage facilities for tabling materials. If you have a Flex reservation you may store one box at the Common Connection Desk. Give the box to the Common Connection staff. Please be advised that Wilson Commons is not responsible for stored materials.

12. If your tabling activity involves the use of water soluble paints/materials, you must cover the table surface to protect it from any spills. Plastic can be provided by Wilson Commons Student Activities at the Common Connection, 201 Wilson Commons. Spray paints, oil-based paints, and permanent markers may not be used on Wilson Commons table surfaces.

13. If your group does not utilize the table reservation and does not properly cancel the reservation with the Wilson Commons Reservation Coordinator, future reservations could be jeopardized.

For questions or clarifications on table policy, please contact the staff in Wilson Commons Student Activities.