7 thoughts on “La’Ron White- Living in today’s world(but not of it)”

  1. I find the choice of format for your piece to be highly thoughtful and effective. Using a complex, multimedia presentation to critique a technologically advanced society draws attention to the physical manifestation of the powerpoint itself. Also, I am equally alarmed by our generation’s social awkwardness – I remember attending a family get-together where all of the adults (40+ years of age) were socializing happily while the teens and twenty-year-olds sat at an adjacent table staring at each other uncomfortably. “Smart”phones appear to be severely crippling our intellectual/social faculties.

  2. Loved your section on culture, and how the media control the flow of culture. It’s very true that we are living in a filtered world, and cultures especially become a target of that. On a different note too, much like in the world of Yamashita and Through the Arc of the Rainforest, culture becomes not only delocalized, but globalized and hybridized as well, much like the “spanish soap opera” example she gives in the intro to the book. Everybody in all reaches of the world knows what the coca-cola bottle is and what a thumbs up means. When “Ticket to Ride” comes on the radio, many people in many parts of the world can sing along to the song.

  3. I absolutely love this, and I agree with Mark, the Powerpoint presentation definitely was effective way to convey your point. While reading through your work, I couldn’t help but reconnect it to the teaches of the Bible which says “Be of this world, but not of it” -Romans 12:2. In other words it says to be present in the world, but do not allow the vices of the world to conform you. Though I have been thought this from a very young age, your essay actually finally made me understand this message. I myself am so caught up in social media sites, as I want to know what’s going on in the world, but is this really important? Moreover, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check my phone for emails and then hop over to Instagram. There is indeed a neglect and numbness that these technologies have provided and I’ve realized that I really do need to disconnect and wean myself from my reliance of technology and be in there here and now. I truly believe that if I try to be of world as the Bible says, and take a step back and observe, I will see that we are all robots with technological devices, as we are no longer connected to the here and now or know what’s going on in the world around us, for we are in a virtual reality controlled by these devices.

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