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Faculty Development and Diversity Workshops

This blog was established in order to increase the flow of information between the University community and the Office for Faculty Development and Diversity (OFDD). The OFDD may use this blog to continuously inform faculty, staff, and students about new and ongoing programs, and the faculty, staff, and students should then have an opportunity to submit comments and questions about those programs. This continuous conversation may also serve as guide to the OFDD as we plan for the coming months. It is in that spirit that I ask for your input as we develop a University-wide workshop for faculty to follow the one held on October 31st. As I mentioned in my November 24th post (“Are We in Danger of Believing that Racism is Dead?”) the October workshop focused on unconscious bias in the academic job search process. The feedback that we received after the program was quite positive. The faculty in attendance (at least those who completed the evaluation form) thought that the program was useful; further, they have an interest in having more of this sort of conversation. I have received many recommendations from those who attended the workshop about the types of programming that they’d like to see in the coming months (more programs on bias in the search process, a program on legal issues in diversity, a workshop on how to be a good mentor for underrepresented faculty). But I need to ask those who did NOT attend the October 31 workshop. What topic would get you in the door? Please focus on those topics that have the ultimate goal of increasing our understanding about the issues that relate to our desire to create a more diverse faculty and a more inclusive community.

Lynne Davidson
Deputy to the President
Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity

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