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How Are We Doing?

Congratulations, Lynne, on all you have done in a short period of time with a very limited staff. You have worked with schools and departments to develop materials and programs that will assist them in recruiting and retaining faculty, developed a communications plan, distributed a Faculty Recruitment Package, created a newsletter, etc. Now we need to know how we are doing.

My suggestion is that we go back to the schools and departments and get their feedback on what we have done so far. They will be reluctant to call us. We have to reach out to them. Frederick Jefferson refers to this as the consultative model, and that is exactly what it is. We have to regard each department and its faculty as a client and ask them for information that will help us improve on our efforts to help them in their recruiting and retaining of faculty.

Again, I recognize that this is a tall order with a limited staff. However, if we could identify champions in each of the schools and then in each of the departments, we could obtain from them much of the information we need for our future work. Then, if need be, we could meet with representatives of the various schools and/or departments to discuss their issues with them directly. This is a new process for our faculty and I’m sure they have some questions and concerns. I”m also confident that they will be reluctant to call us, but would welcome our calling them.

Jerry Gardner
Senior Trustee
Panel of Advisors

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