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Archive for December, 2008

Deepening the Discussion

The Eastman School of Music joins with the rest of the University in its desire to create a more diverse and inclusive environment for faculty, students, and staff. Our diversity committee has begun to engage with certain issues, such as defining diversity within a music-school context, developing strategies for more inclusive faculty searches, and considering […]

Faculty Development and Diversity Workshops

This blog was established in order to increase the flow of information between the University community and the Office for Faculty Development and Diversity (OFDD). The OFDD may use this blog to continuously inform faculty, staff, and students about new and ongoing programs, and the faculty, staff, and students should then have an opportunity to […]

How Are We Doing?

Congratulations, Lynne, on all you have done in a short period of time with a very limited staff. You have worked with schools and departments to develop materials and programs that will assist them in recruiting and retaining faculty, developed a communications plan, distributed a Faculty Recruitment Package, created a newsletter, etc. Now we need […]

Broadening the Search for Faculty

Over the past two years, Arts, Sciences, and Engineering has instituted a number of tactics to effectively increase the pool of candidates for our available faculty positions. While other plans are being implemented at the central administrative (Provost) level, our local strategies include: encouraging search committees to advertise their positions in a wide variety of […]

How will the Economic Crisis Affect Campus Diversity?

The financial crisis has forced many lenders to stop making student loans and the endowments of even the wealthiest institutions have suffered. The Wall Street Journal cited a 22% drop in Harvard University”s endowment forcing tough decisions about spending. Many parents who have invested in 529 plans (tied to stock market returns) to fund college […]