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Archive for 'Curriculum'

What Makes Classical Music Classical and What Does this Have to do with Diversity?

In a recent “Talk to the Newsroom” blog, Anthony Tommasini, chief classical music critic of the New York Times, was asked, “What makes classical music classical? Seriously. I recognize it when I hear it but I don’t know how to define it. How do you?” His answer? “You can’t say that classical music is more […]

How Do We Respond?

As educators we are constantly confronted with opportunities to respond to questions that facilitate student learning, encourage colleagues in the expansion of intellectual inquiry, and provide administration opportunities to enhance academic operations. Yet how do we respond when students feel alienated by textbooks assigned as required course materials? Recently students were offended and questioned why […]

Deepening the Discussion

The Eastman School of Music joins with the rest of the University in its desire to create a more diverse and inclusive environment for faculty, students, and staff. Our diversity committee has begun to engage with certain issues, such as defining diversity within a music-school context, developing strategies for more inclusive faculty searches, and considering […]