The Team

The Bergstralh Lab wants its members to achieve their goals, both professional and personal. While we aim for a strong research environment, and expect our members to be engaged and self-motivated, we also support them in maintaining healthy, fulfilling lives outside the lab.

Bergstralh Lab, Autumn 2018

Dan Bergstralh (Principal Investigator)

Tara Finegan (Postdoctoral Associate) – MA (Cantab), MPhil, PhD University of Cambridge

Nicole Dawney (Graduate Student) – BS (Hons) University of York, MS University of Rochester

Christian Cammarota (Graduate Student) – BS Rochester Institute of Technology, MA University of Rochester

Philip Bellomio (Technical Associate) – BS SUNY Brockport

Anna Jia (Undergraduate / U of R)

Muskaan Vasandi (Undergraduate / U of R)

Arthur Jay Bergstralh (Overlord / Unschooled and Unspoilt)

Bernadette Finbergeganstralh (Mascot / PetSmart)








Nick Lowe (Research Associate) – BS University of Sussex, PhD University College London

Colleen Maillie (Undergraduate / U of R) – working in Anne Meyer’s laboratory at University of Rochester

Daxiang (Dashiell) G. Na (Graduate Student) – BS, MS Peking University Health Science Center, MS Brandeis University, MS University of Rochester

Sifan Yang (Undergraduate / U of R) –  undertaking PhD studies at the University of Rochester

Nicholas Weeks (Undergraduate / U of R) – working in Dave Matus’s lab at Stony Brook

Jon Rosales (Undergraduate / U of R)

Barlin Wado (Pre-Undergraduate / Joseph C. Wilson High School)

Tamás (Tomi) Nádasi (Undergraduate / U of R) – medical student at Semmelweis University

Tyler Wilson (Research Technician) – medical student at the New York Institute of Technology

Ty-Asia Edwards (Pre-Undergraduate / Vanguard Collegiate High School) – undergrad at SUNY-Brockport

Erika Fernandez (Pre-Undergraduate / Vanguard Collegiate High School) – undergrad at R.I.T.

Allison Bhattacharya (Undergraduate / U of R)

Naz Ünsal (Undergraduate / Yeditepe University)

Bergstralh Lab, Spring 2018


Bergstralh Lab, Winter 2018

Bergstralh lab, Summer 2017