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Laser Ablations

We’ve been using a multiphoton microscope to slice a developing Drosophila tissue. Expansion of the cut site (called “recoil”) shows that the tissue is under tension.

Visit from a Friend

The lab enjoyed hosting Dan’s longtime friend and previous postdoc mentor, Jeff Sekelsky.

Jeff gave a great talk about his lab’s work on DNA recombination and repair.

We enjoyed the beautiful Rochester fall in a visit to Letchworth State Park- “Grand Canyon of the East”


Dan and Jeff at Letchworth

Congratulations Tara!

Our collaborator Tara Finegan, a PhD student in the lab of Bénédicte Sanson at the University of Cambridge, won the poster prize at the Physics of Living Matter Symposium. She presented her PhD work, which is awesome.

New manuscript from the lab on bioRxiv

Our study “Bimodal Spindle Orientation Drives Tissue Regularity in a Proliferating Epithelium” shows that planar division orientation in a proliferating epithelium is not predicted by cell shape and does not require the canonical spindle orienting machinery. We did this work in cooperation with Alex Fletcher at the University of Sheffield and the Oakes lab at the U of R. We’ve just put the preprint up on bioRxiv.