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Congratulations Tara!

Our collaborator Tara Finegan, a PhD student in the lab of Bénédicte Sanson at the University of Cambridge, won the poster prize at the Physics of Living Matter Symposium. She presented her PhD work, which is awesome.

New manuscript from the lab on bioRxiv

Our study “Bimodal Spindle Orientation Drives Tissue Regularity in a Proliferating Epithelium” shows that planar division orientation in a proliferating epithelium is not predicted by cell shape and does not require the canonical spindle orienting machinery. We did this work in cooperation with Alex Fletcher at the University of Sheffield and the Oakes lab at the U of R. We’ve just put the preprint up on bioRxiv.

Welcome Ty-Asia

We’re happy to welcome Ty-Asia to the lab. After only a few minutes in the lab, she has already impressed us very much (see picture). Ty-Asia will be working with Nicole this summer.

Welcome Naz

We’re happy to welcome Naz Ünsal (on the right), who will be working with us this summer. Naz is visiting from Istanbul, where she has just finished her third year at Yeditepe University.


Dash joins the lab!

Dashiell (Daxiang) Na has returned to the lab to undertake his PhD work. Dash did undergraduate and graduate work at the Peking University Health Science Center, then earned a Master’s Degree working in the Rosbash lab at Brandeis before coming to Rochester.

Tyler in particular could not be happier to see him back in the lab.