Presidential Diversity Award

We are so pleased to share that Angela Clark-Taylor, SBAI Program Manager, and Tiffany Barber, Susan B. Anthony Teaching Fellowship Recipient, were both nominees for the 2014 University of Rochester Presidential Diversity Awards this past month.

The Diversity Awards are presented as recognition of the accomplishments of members of the University community that contribute to diversity and inclusion through exemplary leadership. Nominees demonstrate commitment to the values of diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism by documented efforts that are above and beyond the routine expectations of the job or project, and show exceptional efforts to promote a University environment that is free from bias and discrimination. We are thrilled that two of the nominations this year were for people so closely involved with SBAI!

Angela Clark-Taylor

Angela Clark-Taylor is a passionate feminist, activist, educator, community leader, and as the first traditional college student in her family she is dedicated to education and how issues of gender, sexuality, race, class and other axes of oppression affect women and girl’s access to education, leadership, and self sufficiency. Through her work at the Institute, Angela coordinates local, national, and international conferences, speakers, and events. She also serves as an undergraduate academic adviser and an adviser to undergraduate student organizations. Angela has been critical in forming and continuing to develop SBAI’s activities supporting education on issues facing LGBTQI individuals. In addition, she created the Rocxxy: Summer Internship in Feminist Activism and Leadership program, which combines an internship in the community with mentorship and leadership training from the University (applications will be available soon for summer 2014!).  For this project Angela received a Community Action Grant from the national foundation of the American Association of University Women. She also currently has a book chapter on this project in press with Palgrave set to release in 2014. Angela’s commitment to the values of diversity, inclusion and social justice is apparent, and we are so glad she has been recognized for her unwavering dedication with the great honor of a nomination for the Presidential Diversity Award.

Tiffany Barber

Tiffany Barber is a graduate student in the Visual and Cultural Studies program and a Teaching Fellow at the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender & Women’s Studies. As an instructor and a scholar, Tiffany demonstrates an effective model for incorporating contemporary understandings of identity politics into education and academic investigation within the context of the University. Her professional engagement with visual culture in the United States is located at the borderlines of race and gender, specifically incorporating a much needed focus on the black, female experience in America and a keen interest in the tradition of Afrofuturism. Tiffany received the Susan B. Anthony Teaching Fellowship for her course “Afro Future Females”, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work more closely with her while she taught the course, she is a very worthy recipient of this nomination. As a student, teacher and young scholar, Tiffany demonstrates a remarkable passion for creating a more dynamic and diverse intellectual community.

Finally, we want to congratulate and celebrate the 2014 recipients of the Presidential Diversity Award: John Cullen, Research Associate Professor of Surgery, and The Office of Minority Student Affairs.

In his time at Rochester, John P. Cullen has advocated for LGBT faculty, staff, students, and patients. His efforts have resulted in the creation of an affinity group, changes to the University’s non-discrimination policy, and workshops and conferences that address LGBT healthcare and disparities in the delivery of medical services.

The Office of Minority Student Affairs provides counseling, disseminates information, initiates programs and serves as a liaison with other departments and divisions of the university to enhance the environment in which minority students live and learn. OMSA also proactively supports the University’s efforts to build diversity awareness and promotes an inclusive community for students, faculty and staff.

For further information about the fantastic people and organizations that were nominated and that received the  2014 Presidential Diversity Award, visit the Diversity at The University page. We are glad that there are so many at our University working towards an inclusive community that is free of discrimination!

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