Message from the Directors

A Message from the Director and Interim Director of SBAI:

We, along with many of our colleagues, are deeply disturbed and dismayed by the allegations presented in the original EEOC complaint against the University of Rochester. Also disappointing, however, were some of the responses from the administration that suggested a lack of concern for both the systemic causes of the complaint as well as the processes with which to address them. Last week, members of the U of R faculty circulated a letter about governance and transparency, which was sent to President Seligman and the Campus Times. Through our teaching, research, and advocacy, SBAI will continue to work to address injustice and foster positive change at the U of R and in the broader community.

John Osburg, Interim Director of SBAI, Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology
Nora Rubel, Director of SBAI, Jane and Alan Batkin Professor in Jewish Studies, Associate Professor in the Department of Religion & Classics

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