Beyond the Veil

Looking for another class for your Fall 2012 schedule? Want to try a gender and women’s studies class for the first time? There is still time to register for WST 100: Beyond the Veil on Wednesdays at 2pm to 3:15pm.

Course description: Is it possible to articulate a transnational feminism that can incorporate Muslim women’s voices? This course contemplates this question by using art and literature as a lens through which to examine the impact of immigration and globalization on women in and from the Muslim world. The course will take both a domestic and international focus, studying contemporary artworks and literature that shed light on the colonial histories, political developments and economic conditions that have affected Muslim countries in the 20th century and ending with a look at attitudes toward Muslim women in the U.S. post-9/11. We will ask how these works contribute new perspectives on these conflicts and also counter common Western assumptions about women from Muslim societies. We will strive to discern a shared concern for women’s rights that can start to articulate this transnational feminism.

About Kaitlin Legg

Former Program Assistant at the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Rochester.
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