Seneca Falls Dialogues – An Unusual Kind of Conference

We invite you – students, faculty, staff, and community members – to submit a proposal for a dialogue to be held at the 5th biennial Seneca Falls Dialogues organized and hosted by the Greater Rochester Consortium of Gender and Women’s Studies Programs and the Women’s Institute for Learning and Leadership (WILL).

The Seneca Falls Dialogues is a weekend conference held every two years in Seneca Falls highlighting the work and ideas of feminist activists in an intellectual exchange. Presenters do more than just read or talk about their work, they involve participants to help them answer complex questions, participate in educational activities, reflect on their experiences, and engage in meaningful conversation. It’s a truly unique gathering aimed at continuing the legacy of Seneca Falls, NY as a site for activism by encouraging students, scholars, and community members to share, listen, and collaborate.

This year we will feature award-winning documentarian Brenda Ann Kenneally as our keynote lecturer and WILL award recipient.


Photo from Kayla’s photo album in Kenneally’s “Upstate Girls” project

Kenneally is a mother and interdisciplinary artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her long-term projects are intimate portraits of social issues that intersect where the personal is political. Most recently, she has been completing work on a decade-long project, Upstate Girls. Read more about Kenneally and her work here.

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