Don’t miss “A Violence Indifferent to Hope: On an Image from Black Lives Matters”

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This Friday at 4pm, the Program in Visual and Cultural studies will present the keynote lecture for their 10th annual graduate conference. Jared Sexton, Associate Professor and Director of the Program in African American Studies, and Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies at UC Irvine, will present A Violence Indifferent to Hope: On an Image from Black Lives Matters in Goergen Hall 101, Sloan Auditorium.

Sexton’s work on state violence and anti-blackness began more than a decade ago, and he is currently working on the manuscript for his next book The Shadow of a Color Line: Racial Politics beyond Coalition. Sexton’s research examines the political culture and cultural politics of the postā€civil rights era United States, focusing on matters of race and sexuality, policing and prisons, multiracial coalition, and contemporary film.

Sexton’s talk will be followed by a panel on Labor and Self-Determination, which happens to include a talk by Ali Feser, PhD candidate in Anthropology at University of Chicago, who’s writing her dissertation on Kodak, labor, and the culture of photography, as well as other very promising-looking talks on labor in the “imaging industry.” The conference, entitled Drawing Together, Solidarities, Pictures, and Politics, will be terrific, so do stop in if you can! The full conference schedule is here.

We hope you will attend!

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