Angela Clark-Taylor Recieves RESOLVE Award Nomination!

Last week RESOLVE of Greater Rochester’s first “Resolutionary Award” was presented to a member of the community who has demonstrated a commitment to preventing violence against women. We are pleased to announce that Angela Clark-Taylor, SBAI Program Manager, was nominated for the Resolutionary Award alongside a wonderful group of community members.

The Resolutionary Award was presented to Amy Schwartz of The Empire Justice Center for her continued efforts to help victims of domestic violence. Congratulations and thank you Amy!

The other nominees were Kyle Orton from University of Rochester, Jeff Pier of RESTORE, and Joan Fyfe, a Stephen Minister from Webster United Methodist Church.

Allison O’Malley, Executive Director of RESOLVE, says the nominees are “everyday heroes – those that stand tall in our community as allies promoting safety, cultivating change in attitudes and beliefs, and inspiring others to join in our mission to eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls.” “As much as RESOLVE is committed to making our community safe for women and girls, we cannot do it alone… Through this award we wish to recognize the contributions of extraordinary individuals who demonstrate the impact that one person can have toward forging a path toward a brighter future that is safe and just for all its members.”

Learn more about RESOLVE of Greater Rochester, Inc.


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