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Asian Pacific American Heritage Family Day

In this delayed spring of the year of 2014 in Rochester, the Flower City, traditional Chinese Window Flowers will be thriving at the Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) on Sunday, May 4th during Asian Pacific American Heritage Family Day. You will be able to create your own Window Flowers in the Creative Workshop’s project center. Visitors of all ages will enjoy a variety of activities such as make-it-and-take-it art projects, tours, music and dance performances, dance workshops, and a variety of interactive offerings. Family Day runs from noon until 5 pm.

Chinese Dance Company

Chinese Dance Company

Paper cutting art submitted by Longze Zhang.
Longze Zhang serves on MAG’s Asian Family Day advisory committee, is a PhD, Biologist at the University of Rochester and Principal of Chinese School of Rochester. Find more of his paper cutting art on his Facebook page.

“I will lead a paper cutting workshop 12-4 pm and visitors will be able to see my paper artwork and create their own paper art in the Creative Workshop at MAG.

paper cutting by Longze Zhang

paper cutting by Longze Zhang

“Chinese paper cutting (Jianzhi) can be referred to as Window Flower, when attached to windows as a decoration. Jianzhi has been around for approximately 1,500 years and is recognized as the first type of paper cutting art in the world. Paper cutting has been used for important events such as Spring Festival (Chinese Lunar New Year/ Spring) and weddings (Double Happiness).”

paper cutting

Left and far right: “Spring” and “Double Happiness”

“Deeply influenced by traditional Chinese culture, especially Chinese paper cutting, I liked to express my feelings and ideas by paper cutting when I was young. Behind the beauty of this art, there is creativity, a feeling of accomplishment, and is a special way of expressing  complex ideas.”

paper cutting - peonies

“Peonies” by Longze Zhang

Also at this year’s Family Day, the Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project will offer an hour-long presentation titled “Hidden Treasures of Korean Art and Modern Korea,” consisting of two short films and a reenactment of a traditional Korean wedding ceremony. The documentaries are titled “Relatively Unknown but Truly Unique and Extraordinary Works of Korean Artifacts” and “Industrial Achievements.” There will also be complimentary books offered on Korean history and culture.

Korean Spirit

Reenactment of Korean Traditional Wedding

Alan Simon

Alan Simon, photo provided

Be sure to see Alan Simon in the Auditorium, whose performance on the tabla is sponsored by the Pakistani American Society of Rochester.  As you can see, it will be a full day, packed with many, many activities and entertainment for everyone. Download a copy of the schedule for the day, here.


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