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Going, going… gone for a time.

The most important Renaissance tapestry in the Gallery’s collection went back on view in April 2012 for the first time in nearly two decades. Woven of wool and silk in 16th-century Flanders and measuring 12 by 15 feet, Trellised Garden with Animals shows a colonnaded garden with lush foliage and wildlife. Now, it is time to place this piece at rest for a few years.

Removing the Tapestry

In the Renaissance gallery rolling the tapestry up the wall.

Shown above is the crew upstairs in the Renaissance gallery rolling the tapestry right on the wall. In its place, Battle of the Animals will be hung in time for the Gallery to open on Wednesday at 11 am.

Woven in Flanders in the mid-16th century, Battle features a variety of exotic, real and fantastic animals in a lush landscape dotted with castles and lodges and populated by hunters, dogs, and horses. In May 2011, the Gallery announced that a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services was targeted for conservation of this important Renaissance tapestry. Read more

It was back in 2009, thanks to a major grant from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services, that the Gallery was able to send some of our tapestries to the Textile Conservation Laboratory in New York City. The restoration is part of a concerted effort to preserve the Gallery’s tapestry collection. Learn more about the European Tapestry Initiative:…/european-tapestry-initiative/


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