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It’s World Penguin Day.

"Penguins" by Blanca Will

“Penguins” by Blanca Will

File this under ‘who knew?’

On April 25th of every year, penguins of the Antarctic continent begin an incredible northward migration. Penguins are unique in that they are the only migratory birds that don’t fly, they swim. They start their migration in that same fashion that, say, the Canadian Geese do. On cue, in synchronicity with some mysterious call of Nature, penguins of great number and varied breeds all dive into the ocean and head North.

Curiously, they only swim about a hundred miles or so from the ice shelf and, after enjoying an extended “krill break”, they all seem to lose interest in migrating. After bobbing about for a while like millions of undecided penguins, they all head back South and are home by suppertime.

Swing by our Sculpture Park today and say hello to our Penguins by Blanca Will (1926) in honor of World Penguin Day.

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