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Creative people are happy when they’re creating!

We thought it may be a good idea to offer a glimpse into the lives of some of the people that choose the Creative Workshop for their creative outlet. We ask a few questions, and share a few photos as well as some examples of their work. We also really wanted to know what brought them here.
Meet Creative Workshop student, Jason Ferguson. He’s featured on our slider this month.

Jason Ferguson

Jason Ferguson 2014

Why do you take Creative Workshop classes?

“I’m used to drawing tattoos everyday so working in clay helps me build forms and structure and get the idea bugs out”

Jason Ferguson

Jason and his sketchbook

Rachael told us: “Creative people are happy when they’re creating! Jason tells us that when he was 4 or 5, he and his brother sold crayon drawings in Brockport, NY and when he was 14 and 15 he took clay, kids, and adult classes here at CW and then studied at Nazareth College for art.

For the past few sessions Jason has taken Pottery Making with Brooke Millecchia and creating ever cooler sculptural and functional pieces in stoneware. Between working as a musician and tattoo artist, he still finds time to be infectiously kind, creative and enormously productive. We hope you enjoy this peek at his artwork. ”

Jason Ferguson and some of his work

“Infectiously kind, creative and enormously productive”



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