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New on view in the Asian gallery

We’ve completed our yearly rotation of light-sensitive works in the Asian gallery. There’s quite a variety this year, including hanging scrolls; a six-fold screen; Japanese prints, drawings, and katagami (stencils for dyeing fabric); Indian miniatures; and an Indonesian shadow puppet. We’ve also unrolled the contemporary Chinese handscroll Migrants of the Three Gorges Dam to show its sobering finale. Please stop by to see and enjoy these treasures from our permanent collection.

The Kitano Shrine

“The Kitano Shrine”

The Kitano Shrine
Watercolor and ink with gold leaf
Gift of the Xerox Corporation, 90.6

This screen shows the Kitano shrine, which had been a popular destination for religious pilgrims in Japan from the earliest medieval times. In the second panel from the right, an inscription on the plaque at the gate identifies the shrine. The setting shows a large crowd of people drawn from all levels of Japanese society pouring into the shrine precinct on a festival day. While richly dressed aristocrats and their retinues approach the shrine, other visitors engage in pastimes such as archery and dancing.

Screens like this were produced in Japan almost from the beginning of her history. They became an indispensable element of domestic architecture and of Japanese life, serving as both utilitarian room dividers and as treasured works of art.

[Gallery label text, 2006]

Shadow Puppet (Wayang Kulit)

“Wayang Kulit” (Shadow Puppet)

Wayang Kulit
Javanese Recreational Artifact
Carved and colored buffalo hide with carved horn handles
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Forman, 37.18.1

Bird of the Quail Family on One Foot Japanese, 1700s

“Bird of the Quail Family on One Foot”

Bird of the Quail Family on One Foot
Japanese, 18th Century
Ink, watercolor, and gouache on paper
Estates of Maurice R. and Maxine B. Forman, 96.72
Many thanks for a successful installation go to Andy Hofer, Mike Allison, and Barry Schieven of the Facilities Department, and our preparator Carol Acquilano, registrar Monica Simpson, research assistant Kerry Schauber, and curatorial intern Courtney Lippa.

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