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Fall Adult Student Show

Submitted by: Katie Swingly
The Lucy Burne Gallery is pleased to present the Fall Adult Student Show featuring works by adult artists who are currently enrolled in classes at the Creative Workshop. The show features a variety of original works from various media including: ceramics, oil paintings, watercolor and jewelry. It is the first show since the Creative Workshop Entry Plaza has been completed.

Some of the artists are exhibiting for the first time, while others have been taking classes at the workshop for years. All of the pieces, whether by a new student or a Workshop veteran, represent the talent that comes from the Creative Workshop and from the greater Rochester community.

Outlaw Lake Ontario

“Lake Ontario (Purple)” by Maureen Outlaw

When a visitor enters the space, they are greeted (above) by a bold oil painting by Maureen Outlaw entitled, Lake Ontario (Purple). This piece is an example of Maureen’s “locally inspired surrealistic waterscapes.” Her other works include scenes from the banks of the Genesee river. She has been painting with Creative Workshop instructor Fred Lipp for several years.

"Golden Age" by Neal McDannel

“Golden Age” by Neal McDannel

Neal McDannel’s pastel drawing Golden Age (above), features two young newspaper boys in striking detail, using a variety of colors. This piece is from a show Neal exhibited at Equal Grounds in Rochester last year. Some of his work, including Golden Age “deals with the romanticizing of youth” and nostalgia for bygone eras. This work specific shows two views of the same child, which Neal says is meant to “represent the good and the bad side of any given situation,” and remind us that “not all the good old days were all so good.”

This is just a sampling of the inspiring work now on display in the Creative Workshop. We invite you to come explore the show on view through November 21st!

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