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Putting Dreams in Motion

It all happened on a day not at all like any other day in our 100 year history. It was the afternoon of our Centennial Gala, and was about to be a day to be long remembered.

Decorations were going up,  the Pavilion was being wrapped, new art acquisitions were at the ready to be installed, Max at the Gallery was busy polishing glasses and silver for the Gala that evening at MAG. And in the Gallery Store, a new photograph was put on display, tucked into a quiet corner. Justin Guse was about to propose to his “long-time girlfriend in one of the most intriguing and exquisite sites in Rochester.”

The card reads: "Nicole - turn around"

The card reads: “Turn Around, Nicole”

Justin writes, “Being a fine artist herself, my fiance, Nicole, has told me that I could not have picked a better place to share our special moment.”

Moments later

She said ‘yes!’

Congratulations and best wishes to you both. We are thrilled that you included us in your plans, Justin and Nicole.

Gallery Store engagement - Justin and Nicole

Justin and Nicole

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