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Reflections on the Adult Student Art Show

The Adult Student Show in the Lucy Burne Gallery comes at an exciting time in the Creative Workshop, and brings with it a whirlwind of color, style, and a sense of discovery. It is composed of pieces from both longtime students and new students.  One cannot help but be struck by these works of art, as they strive to reach out beyond their mediums and grasp the viewer’s imagination.  Due to the temporary change in entrance (read more), the Lucy Burne Gallery has taken the opportunity to provide a show that really utilizes the new space. This also allows for a space to walk around and take in the art.

Liz Barrett’s “Retirement Phase One!”

Liz Barrett’s “Retirement Phase One!”

Joan Potenza’s “Nature Inspired Pendant”

Joan Potenza’s “Nature Inspired Pendant”

The jewelry reflects inspiration from forms found in nature as well as from forms found in modernity; just look at the contrast between Liz Barrett’s “Retirement Phase One!” and Joan Potenza’s “Nature Inspired Pendant”, both done in Beginning Jewelry classes.

Barb Kerns in the Continuing Clay class

Barb Kerns from the Continuing Clay class

Several skilled ceramic students each created place settings that bring flair to what-would-be-ordinary like the one above by Barb Kerns in the Continuing Clay class. Interestingly enough Kerns piece works wonderfully adjacent to “Untitled” by Karen DeSantis.

Bob Grove, Dawn Lockwood, Glen C. Miller, and Linda Serway

Bob Grove, Dawn Lockwood, Glen C. Miller, and Linda Serway

From some of the wonderful artists in the Advanced Watercolor class with Dick Kane we have a collaborative effort; Bob Grove, Dawn Lockwood, Glen C. Miller, and Linda Serway  worked together to create a piece that combines a color-wheel with fantasy.
There’s an incredible color range from black and white, to pale pastels, to vibrant splashes of bold colors. These are just some of the many highlights from this show so come on by and see it for yourself.  Call 276-8959 for Lucy Burne Gallery hours.

–Rebecca Zaretsky, Lucy Burne Gallery Intern Summer 2013

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