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Back from France and Blogging

By Allison Fricke, Advancement Department Intern

dscn2439I was recently in France for 5 1/2 weeks to take several credits of French and art history classes. Mostly I traveled and experienced France, but I suppose I learned something too. There were about 20 other Washington University students on the trip and we were instructed to speak exclusively in French, especially at meals. Yeah right. We spoke French when the professor was around. Most of the time we spoke a unique combination of French and English: Franglais (combination of the words français and anglais).
dscn2255 I was walking down a street in Nice one day with two friends discussing how we are going to still speak franglais by accident when we return home, but no one will know what we are saying. “Je blague,” one girl said. “When we go home, people will think that you are telling them that you are blogging,” I said. I never thought it would be true in my case.

dscn2099France is famous around the world for its reputation as a center for culture, art in particular. As the home of some the greatest painters of all time, art is everywhere. I was in a small town in the Loire Valley called Pocé-sur-Cisse for about a week and a half – one the highlights of the nearby town, Amboise, is Leonardo da Vinci’s grave in the Château d’Amboise, right in the center of town. Who knew? Seeing so much art everywhere made me even more excited about coming home to Rochester to start my internship at the Memorial Art Gallery where I would be involved with art all day everyday (or at least 3 days a week…).

img_0952I think that the MAG is diamond in the ruff, in the same way that Leonardo da Vinci’s grave is in Amboise. Most people do not know it’s there. One difference is the MAG is in Rochester, NY while da Vinci’s grave is in Amboise, France (equally unheard of. Don’t argue – you have no idea how many times people from outside of Upstate New York ask me if I live near New York City when I tell them I’m from Rochester). The anonymity makes the discovery of a large, inclusive collection particularly wonderful.

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