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By Jessica Hamm, SUNY Brockport Intern

Recently I was driving down Route 104 when I found myself quickly coming to a stop. Sauntering across the highway was a turtle. As I sat in my car, I couldn’t help but question why I had moved to a town where the pace of life was somehow reflected in the wildlife’s leisure. Taking the moment to absorb my surroundings, I realized that beauty and art is literally everywhere.

Even in rural areas, there is something to be discovered, observed and welcomed (including the easy stroll of a turtle). Anyhow, these roads and routes and sights and visions and moments of intellectual thought are what create art. They don’t have to be entirely understood or complex. They do however have to be personal to you.

img_09531And while art surrounds us in our daily occurrences and environments, nothing is most comforting than standing within the walls that house the masters, the contemporaries, the revolutionaries and the regional artists. So for all my fellow turtle stopping comrades, look no further than a trip down the 490 to the Memorial Art Gallery.

It’s a full experience of comfort, beauty, discovery, taste and shopping. While not everyone has a known understanding or love of art, there is certainly something for everyone to cure the (recently everyday) rainy day blues. With niches of art, renovations, opening exhibitions and festivals, the walls blossom and thrive with a plethora of design, material, abstraction and insight.

No need to worry either, food waits no further than a quick step in MAG‘s pavilion to Max at the Gallery. Even if your eyes leave unpleased, your stomach will leave satisfied. Filled with a palate reminiscent of an urban bistro, you can’t help but feel reciprocate through your taste buds.

img_0944And if all else fails, nothing cures a cloudy sky or any other (mis)fortune than retail therapy. The Gallery Store houses books, unique gifts, jewelry, and is an easy excuse to swipe your card.

So come one, come all, my fellow Brockport residents. Enjoy a lazy summer afternoon at the Gallery, and don’t forget about the Clothesline Festival September 12th and 13th-an opportunity to explore outside, catch some rays, and absorb art from across the region. Just remember to keep an eye for turtles crossing the road.

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