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Meet The Artist: Thomas Markusen

Thomas Markusen as inspired by Hofmann

Title: Revisiting Hofmann (left)
Materials: Copper with patinas and stains
Inspired by Hans Hofmann, Ruby Gold (right)

©2012 Renate, Hans & Maria Hofmann Trust/Artists Rights Society, New York, NY

Thomas Markusen exemplifies the ranks of artists/craftsmen who are dedicated to the excellence and growth of American Metalsmithing. During the past three decades, Markusen has established himself as a noteworthy and contributing artist, educator, and leader among his contemporaries in North American Metalsmithing. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. As a teacher, Markusen has instructed workshops and lectured at universities, colleges, craft schools, and art galleries across North America. The character of his designs reflects the fluid plastic quality of the metal when it is forged and shaped while red hot and combines various metals and patinas. His functional objects are collected by individuals, galleries and museums.

“Color. While at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I used a Hofmann painting as a reference in my first painting class.”

This is an additional artist that also chose the work of Hofmann as inspiration. See the Nancy Valle post.



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