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Intern: A Day in the Life

By Allison Fricke, Advancement Department Intern

When I learned how to drive (two and a half years ago, now – woo hoo!), I realized that I did not know how to get anywhere. That’s an exaggeration. I did not know how to get most places, and I definitely did not know how long it took to get there. Among the things I learned in high school, one of them was that MapQuest is not always right. img_0953 I also learned that I just had to drive all the way down East Ave and veer right onto University Ave to get the Memorial Art Gallery. If I drive really fast I can get there in 6 minutes, give or take 30 seconds. If it is St. Patrick’s Day, there will be a parade and traffic will bump up the time to 20 minutes, or more. img_0928 I learned that when you go in the museum from the front entrance, you see the sky through the glass roof, several statues, the restaurant, a sign for the upcoming Rochester-Finger Lakes exhibit. But you miss the good part, which is seeing the behind-the-scenes where employees create pedestals, conserve paintings, plan, come and go from meetings with donors, secure the premises, pack, unpack, repack and drink coffee. anthro3-1 The Egyptian mummy is still better (I especially like spelling my name in hieroglyphics, but I always walk away with the feeling that there were no Ancient Egyptians named Allison); however, the way the mummy got there, the way it is displayed, etc – the details, in essence – are more interesting.

I won’t give away any of the secrets that make this museum run so smoothly, because a good magician never gives away the secret to the trick; but the point is that they go relatively unnoticed, but not unappreciated. I want the museum-going public to recognize the dedication and effort that goes toward such a noble cause as bringing art to the public. I see all the hard work involved in preparing for events, such as the upcoming preview party for the Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition, from planning, advertising, organizing, ordering, setting up, cleaning up, and most importantly, getting the art. Even after just a few days working in the MAG, I am proud to call myself intern. I even have a desk! (Kind of – I borrow it).


Comment from andrew
Time: July 11, 2009, 3:23 am

does stacy jennings still work in the store? please tell her to contact me!

Comment from Rachael Baldanza
Time: July 14, 2009, 9:12 am

A fun piece of writing and a great perspective!
Enjoy your internship, Allison and drive slowly, please, lots of pedestrians 🙂

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