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There’s an app for that

MAGart - Memorial Art Gallery's app

Introducing MAGart, our brand new iPhone app.

The app, featuring part of our second floor collection, lets you explore the artworks, follow a tour, listen to our Director discuss his favorites, choose works by culture or date or even by title. Use it to preview the Galleries prior to your visit or review them afterwards. There are maps of the Gallery, and tours set up by subject matter, time period, time that you have to take a tour (I only have a half hour) and even a tour of V.I.C.’s (Very Important Creatures).

Fresco Fragment of Cupid Holding a MaskHot SpotsTeachers: consider this the ultimate classroom field trip preview tool.  As an example, there are six objects to explore in the Roman Art category. Each of these has related informational links – such as details, alternate views, or the ‘Collection Connection’ that will take you to a related object in the Gallery. Of that group of six, 2 contain a link to areas that we call ‘hot spots.’ Hot spots are actual red dots highlighting a particular object. Each of those dots will point to significant details to look at on that object – additional information not highlighted anywhere else in the Museum. See the example (left) from the Roman Art category.

Another feature allows you to email an image of an object, right from the app. You can also select the plus button at the bottom of the screen. That will allow you to group your favorites for viewing or reviewing later.

These are just some of the features. Download the free app for yourself. Take some time to explore it. Bring it to the Gallery and explore it there. We are calling it our on-site insight into selected work in the Gallery’s collection.

This is the inaugural edition of MAGart, and we invite your comments on the survey that is included in the app (go to ‘features of this app’ page). Your comments will help us design future editions, on additional platforms, that will be released in 2013. Did we go too deep with our information or not deep enough? Was it easy to use? Would you tell a friend? Will you use it again? We’d love your feedback. Comments are also welcome here. Let us know what you think.


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