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You must join The Gallery Council!

By Anastasia Markson, Gallery Council Member

gc-fall-social-member-mix-9-23-05-carolyn-friedlander-008“You must join The Gallery Council!” Such were the sentiments from my parents’ friends upon my return to Rochester fourteen years ago. Never letting up, the guilt slowly worked its way in and finally in 2003, I gave in and joined.

Much to my surprise, this group of vibrant, industrious and impressive people, mostly women, were nothing like the stodgy image that had grown in my mind. From the get go, I was put to work. The tasks have ranged from simple envelope stuffing to overseeing tens of thousands of dollars raised during individual projects. We raise this money to support The Memorial Art Gallery in its quest to provide our community an inspiring and educational art experience and refuge.

As Volunteer Coordinator for one and a half terms, I had the pleasure to schedule and coordinate one of the most fun groups of women and be responsible for one of the dullest tasks – the monthly mailing. Dull, but necessary just the same, the mailing committee introduced me to many fascinating and committed personalities. Our monthly gatherings quickly became a highlight for me and a thoroughly enjoyable use of time. Coordinating volunteer interests and volunteers for Clothesline also provided insight to our members and their interests.

Later, the post of Project Treasurer opened in mid-term and I fell into my current role. We have seen many changes to the way we handle money and account for it. This has been a fun learning experience. The staff at the gallery has been reliable and brilliant in helping us move from an independent group to becoming a part of the University of Rochester accounting system while maintaining all of our abilities to budget, assess and revise.

100_0479Since I first joined The Gallery Council, four fabulous women have graced the Presidency of our board. Each with her own signature leadership style ranging from formal and competent, chic and vivacious, gregarious and informal to our current warm, gracious, friendly and productive. I feel so honored to have taken part in The Gallery Council these last six years and been able to meet and get to know so many interesting council and staff members life might never have introduced me to otherwise.

Seeing the works at the gallery breathes new energy to my toes and finger tips. With each visit, I find new perspectives for life’s encounters. Art is satisfyingly empowering and uplifting, but it is also expensive. Expensive to procure, expensive to maintain and expensive to display. We raise money to make these experiences of art available to our community. It has been a fulfilling six years and I look forward to the next.

Raising money for The Memorial Art Gallery for over 60 years…. Join us!


Comment from Karen Larkin
Time: May 11, 2009, 4:06 pm

Bravo Anastasia!!
I am a fairly new member to the Gallery Council – two plus years – and am enjoying it tremendously. I have been challenged in ways I never thought possible, while meeting so many interesting and intelligent women. Anastasia has been my “partner in crime” this past year as I’ve learned the Treasurer role. Everyone has been so welcoming, including the staff of the MAG.
We are looking forward to 2010 and 2013!!

Comment from Marjorie Searl
Time: May 14, 2009, 7:35 am

The Gallery Council, and generous members like Anastasia, help to make MAG the vibrant institution that it is. As a staff member, I see their hard work on a daily basis. Their collective years of dedication pay off constantly. Thank you, Anastasia, for your energy and also for this tribute to the work of the Council.

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