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Sharing Enthusiasm

Little known fact: the Memorial Art Gallery hosts hundreds of tours to local schools and groups a year. This is an ongoing and year-round occurrence, even on Tuesdays when we would otherwise be closed to the public.

We’d like to share some feed back from a group that was here last Friday from the Cobblestone School on Prince Street in Rochester.  The Docent’s name is Kitty Jospe and the children were 4-12 years of age.  Kitty sent us this spirited note:

“When we entered the Rochester Biennial exhibit, I asked them if they could find any acorns… and suddenly every pot had “acorn” quality to the tops.  

Cushing Acorn Series

Val Cushing "Storage Jar" acorn series

 Imagine 7 little girls running up to each pot saying “Here’s one!” “And here!  And here!”
And then they saw Eun Suh Choi’s glass work.

Eunsuh Choi "Between The Barriers"

Eunsuh Choi "Between The Barriers"

 “You shouldn’t have let us come in here — it’s too beautiful and we want to touch everything!”  The little girls had eyes as big as saucers, imagining fairy castles and charmed by the delicacy and strength of the work.

Then, we went into the gallery with Bertoia’s work — I told them I wasn’t trying to make it hard, but it would be tempting to resist running through the large “Passage”.  

Roberto Bertoia "Passage III"

Roberto Bertoia "Passage III"

They were delighted, and peered through the windows and the body language was pure joy.
Then, one of the most verbal said, “I’d like to be a spider — then I could explore every inch of each one.”

Storyteller Slam by Buffalohead

"Storyteller Slam" by Buffalohead

We had so much fun with the op art in the Lockhart, (and the fox and crows “Story Slam”), and I’ve never had children so excited about how colors come alive as we switched position, walking toward and away the Albers, the Hoffman, the Sperber, Monet,  but also ( (in the Lockhart) Karen Kunc’s Phrase/Shift and how the waves turned to words in May Stevens’ Te Quieroverde (I love you Green) –
Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, Kitty. It is positively contagious.

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