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Family Day with Extreme Materials 2

On November 20, more than 1,800 visitors of all ages were on hand for Extreme Materials 2 Family Day. Activities and experiences filled the halls, all around the Gallery – upstairs and downstairs.

inventor Ward Hartenstein

Inventor Ward Hartenstein - with a little help from his audience

There were presentations by two longtime friends of the MAG—musician and instrument inventor Ward Hartenstein and storyteller Jay Stetzer—as well as activities led by Creative Workshop instructors Eddie Davis III, Maggie Schied and Robin Whiteman. On the second floor, there was the regularly scheduled “Going for Baroque” mini-recital that occurs every Sunday at 1 and 3. This time, the Eastman School students manually pumped the bellows, and opened the door so that everyone could see the behind the scenes activity. On everyone’s faces, you could see the refection of the wonder of learning and seeing something new.

 Jay StetzlerJay Stetzler telling tales

The finale for the day was the extreme fashion show coordinated by another Workshop instructor, Raul Siro Ferreira. It featured nearly 30 designs, most by students from area school districts, and even a diaper vest designed by Workshop curriculum director Rachael Baldanza. Young visitors were also invited to grace the catwalk and show off paper hats made during the afternoon.

wedding dress

Wedding Dress fabricated from white trash bags - - photo by Lauren Scherer

paper hats at Family Day

Paper hat at the Fashion Show - - photo by Lauren Scherer

Here is a note in it’s entirety, from the K-12 Art Coordinator at the West Irondequoit Central School District, who had many students create designs and model them in the Family Day fashion show.

“My heart is happy this morning!  Thank you so much for organizing the Extreme Materials Fashion Show this weekend!  It was wonderful to see the whole community coming together to celebrate the accomplishments of so many creative people!  I loved that this gave students an opportunity to take their artwork out of the school environment and into a more public venue.  The combination of learning experiences made this an incredibly valuable opportunity for kids as they learned about the intersections between art, fashion, photography, stage presence, teamwork, advertising, media and journalism!  The excitement generated from this is through the roof!  I’m grateful for your work behind the scenes to make this possible!
Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in the future if/when you are planning similar positive community wide art events such as this.  This kind of collaboration is so valuable for schools, students, families and the greater Rochester community. It was such a pleasure to be a part of such a rich real world experience!  You have much to be proud of!

Thank you!”

Suzanne Jacobs
Art Coordinator K-12
West Irondequoit Central School District

And then she ended her note with this great quote – which just seems to sum up the essence of Family Day:

“What would it be like if you lived each day, each breath, as a work of art in progress?
Imagine that you are a Masterpiece unfolding, every second of every day,
a work of art taking form with every breath.”
-Thomas F. Crum

No, thank you, Ms. Jacobs. Thank you.

Grand Finale

All models on the final walk on the walkway

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