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Just Joe at Clothesline this Sunday

By Patti Walker, Staff Accountant

You may have heard of Joe Altier if you’re from Central Square, NY. You may have heard of Joe Altier if you went to St. John Fisher from 1993 – 1997. You may have heard of Joe Altier if you listened to Brand New Sin (BNS) early to late 2000’s. You may have heard of Joe Altier if you have heard Just Joe, Elephant Mountain, or Just Joe and Janglers.

The first time I heard about Joe was on a wine tour camping trip 3 or 4 years ago.  Among the campers was Joe’s older brothers with their families.  I learned Joe had started his solo project – Just Joe.

My in-laws have raved about Joe’s talent, especially my brother-in-laws and the youngest brother-in-law sat me down to listen to Joe on YouTube.  WOW!!!  Now I understand what all the fuss is about.  Finally in 2009, I got to hear Just Joe live.  This guy is amazing!  Not only can he sing, but he can sing any genre!!!!  An idea popped into my head….I wonder if Joe would perform at Clothesline…..and said to myself “Nah, why would he want to perform there?”

4th of July 2010, my family celebrated Independence Day at Jake’s Grub and Grog in Brewerton, NY.  Just Joe was performing and this time I got to meet him.  Nice guy.  And I still had that thought, would he perform at Clothesline?  I really didn’t think Joe would, so to confirm my assumption, I asked my in-laws.  My assumption they told me was WRONG!  Joe loves to play gigs at places like the Clothesline Festival.

It may have been too late for Clothesline 2010, but I finally got the courage to ask Joe if he would be interested in singing at the next Clothesline Festival…..and so……Just Joe will be playing at the M&T Bank Clothesline Festival this Sunday 12pm – 1:45pm.  I want to know what Rochester thinks of Just Joe.  You know I think he is amazing.  His passion of music is a huge piece of himself, but it’s not “just” Joe.  Family, friends, fans, and life are also pieces that make this man a great musician.


Comment from Michael Meier
Time: September 6, 2011, 9:32 pm

Joe, Is like a brother to me. I have been blessed with knowing Joe and being a college roommate of his. We were also football teammates at St. John Fisher College. I can recall numerious of hours of just listening to Joe play the piano and sing. My mind and especially my ears loved every moment that I was able to listen. God has blessed him with a gift that is not like no other. So for all that had the chance to hear Joe perform I hope that you enjoyed the music that he loves.

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