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Mysterious Step at the Memorial Art Gallery

By Memorial Art Gallery Staff

Where are these steps?
And why is one step a different color?
Memorial Art Gallery staff had fun with this puzzle proposed by Chief Curator Marjorie Searl. Here are MAG staff’s responses:
(Clearly some are sincere and some are in jest but we will let you all decide which is which):
Cleaning test.
To warn you that you that you are nearing the bottom step.
The original step broke and this was a replacement.
There are Da Vinci Code clues throughout the building and this is one of them.
No idea.
It’s a demonstration of Bonnie’s ionized-water cleaning system vs. the normal methods?
Cutler Union and to give it character.
Steps in Cutler and she wanted to know if Marjorie was lost and offered to come find her 🙂

I think it’s must be a zen-type thing deliberately put there to teach the obsessive-compulsive amongst us to just let go and roll with the uneven, mismatched and inconsistent things in life…


Comment from Daly@Write a Bio
Time: January 17, 2012, 4:12 pm

I laughed at some of the explanations! I love those things when we can all be right so people let their imagination run free!

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