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The Endless Possibilities of a Drawing Show

By Arianne Petersen, Creative Workshop Lucy Burne Gallery Intern

A blank page is a clear, crisp whiteness of an empty plane, just waiting to be filled with imagination and inspiration. This is how every drawing starts, with a blank page and the creative mind of an artist. At the start of a drawing, truly anything is possible, and the artists featured in the Creative Workshop’s Drawing Show currently on view in the Lucy Burne Gallery have exemplified this exciting prospect.

Left, Drawings by A.J. Torre (left) and Rashakim Hudson (right)

One of the most exhilarating moments when putting together an art show is when you find work from multiple artists that look like they were just made to be displayed together. We were so thrilled to see how the works of A.J. Torre and Rashakim (aka Rahh) Hudson shared such a strong synergy. Both use strong line work to create stylized and powerful forms with clear emotional connotations. We hope you get a chance to look even more clearly at these intricate and fascinating drawings.

Left, Glenn Miller’s sketchbooks from 1979 and 1989

A vital aspect of drawing is the act of sketching, and we are thrilled to have three sketchbooks in our show from Glenn C. Miller. Glenn has been keeping beautiful sketchbooks for years, in which he records his thoughts, plans, and observations from his experiences and the world around him. It is a wonder and a joy to see how an artist forms their ideas and to get a glimpse into the conceptual and planning process of their work. For anyone interested in taking a closer look at Glenn’s sketchbooks, please feel free to ask anyone at the Creative Workshop registration desk for assistance.

Kathy Kase’s Emotion drawing on the left, and T.W.’s Home with Chickens drawing to the right

An exciting addition to the show is the group of work from the Arc of Monroe Community Arts Connection. The CAC is a day program for differently abled adults to explore and learn a variety of arts, including Dance/Movement, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Writing. The drawings that were donated to our show come from a couple of different classes. Some are preparatory sketches for paintings or sculptures, such as Karl Feuerherm’s Farmhouse Study and Jeffery Dano’s Totem Study. Some are drawings of the figure and studies of facial features, such as Kathy Kase’s Emotion, which really expresses the energy of the face through line and color. For some, their artwork is a valuable means of communication. T.W., a non-verbal individual, illustrates what is important to him through the recurring themes and subjects in his artwork, such as his drawing Home with Chickens. The goal of the CAC is to foster independence in the art community and to display work from the program in shows throughout the local community. It is a valuable program and we are delighted to have their participation in our show.

If you are interested in being “drawn in” to the wonderful work currently on display at the Creative Workshop, the Lucy Burne Gallery is open Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm, and Friday-Saturday 9am-4pm. The Drawing Show will be up April 23– May 14. And if you are inspired to draw, well simply give us a call at 585-276-8959 to find a drawing class that works for you.

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