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We Have Fresh Landscapes in the Creative Workshop!

image002By Rachael Baldanza, Creative Workshop Managing Director

Shows in the Creative Workshop’s Lucy Burne Gallery, are collaborative efforts resulting in exhibits that show a little of what is currently being made, what inspires and what can be learned. We set a theme, let Creative Workshop students and teachers know the show is coming, and then begin the planning process. To have a landscape show in the spring was a simple enough idea, but it really came to life a few weeks ago when the paintings started coming in. We started to see connections right away, the easiest one, is that students are making beautiful artwork related to the places we live or have the joy to visit.

Depictions of the Landscape features the work of: Anne Barker, Terri Barlis, Charles Bixby, Angela Bonazinga, Frances Carducci, Valerie Cotton, Brenda Cretney, Sylvie Culbertson, Linda Delaney, Karen DeSantis, Leo Dodd, Doug Doonan, Tony Dungan, Joan Foss, Dave Gardner, Eileen Joy, William W. Kane, Carol Kenyon, Chris Latella, Nan Meyer, Marilyn Monkelbaan, Violet Paolucci, Charleen Payne, Dorothy Roach, Robin Salsbury, Haruko Tajiri, Maureen Outlaw, Lynne Warnett, George Weiner, Nancy Wetterau, Barbara Blake Zeugel, and Judy Zwald.

Each of these artists take classes here, most in Landscape watercolor with Dick Kane, or Intermediate/Advanced Painting with Jeanne Lindsay, Watercolor with g.a. sheller or Advanced Painting with Fred Lipp. Each artist has found their own voice, subject, and style. Each has made work which hangs with pride among other works.

image0041Such as paintings that reflect the tranquility of place and moment as in these two works by Carol Kenyon (left) and Haruko Tajiri (right).

image0062Or paintings that clearly reflect the seasons they show, as in the ‘wintry corner’ at left where Angela Bonazinga and Dorothy Roach found blues and browns in the snowy landscapes in this area.

Before you shiver, though, we wish to remind you this exhibit proudly include all seasons, as in Lynne Warnett’s very summery piece or Karen DeSantis’ autumn painting, on view as well.


We are also delighted to include some clues to the process each artist uses. Joan Foss which shows how ideas evolve and how she plans her work by sharing a sketchbook and Charleen Payne shared her process by telling us a story.

Charleen told me she’d made it during a class with Dick Kane a few summers ago and that it is a view of the Cutler Union tower.

image012She’d been photographed when making the painting and her photo appeared in a past workshop brochure (a similar class appears in this summer’s brochure, just out and located here).

When the photo was published she pasted it into her sketchbook, where she had worked out drawings for her painting. image0141

Shows, like paintings, go through planning work too.

Memorial Art Gallery Creative Workshop Intern Yuan Xiang and I began to inventory work and plan for the design of the show. But only when all pieces were in could we make a master plan.


(I do these maps with little pictures and tape, knowing that I will move the work around a lot before it is hung with care.)

The finished show looks a lot more finished (thanks to Keith for hanging the work and lighting) and we hope you can stop by to see it.


Depictions of the Landscape is currently on view until May 22, 2009, whenever the Memorial Art Gallery Creative Workshop is open (the week of April 20-25, 9 am to 5:30 pm; and after April 27, Monday through Thursday 9 am to 9:30 pm, and Friday and Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm. We encourage you to come and see the show and remember that art, like anything else, can be taught and that good local artists are still learning, making and sharing their work.


Comment from Jessica Marten
Time: April 24, 2009, 9:08 am

What an excellent show! A little something for everyone and at just the perfect moment of Winter giving way to
Spring. Thanks!

Comment from Jack Douglas
Time: December 23, 2009, 12:53 am

I was at the show and throughly enjoyed it I especially like the two little paintings by Carol Kenyon and the winter paintings of Angela Bonazinga and Dorothy Roach. Good fortune to all the artists showing.

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