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Wine and Spirit Opening Party at MAG

By Rebecca Field Kraai, Advancement Program Assistant

I’m ready for the next exhibit at the Memorial Art Gallery, especially the opening party on Saturday, January 29th, from 8-11PM.  The exhibit, Wine and Spirit: Rituals, Remedies and Revelry, will feature over 100 pieces of art or literature showing the relationship between wine and the human spirit since long ago.  That should be interesting!

And this winter weather has me yearning for a warm place to be with others in the company of great art and fine music, and the opening night should be just that.  Alana Cahoon sings with a great group of musicians, and has a voice and style both mesmerizing and uplifting.  She writes some of her own, and sings some old favorites.  The music will be danceable, and the ballroom is a fantastic space for moving.  The Barry Tee Trio will greet the crowd in the pavilion with talents in jazz.  Max at the Gallery offers tasty foods and drinks for purchase.  These openings are filled with gallery members, with many community members as well.  Tickets are free for most members, and $25 for non-members.   It should be a great evening in the midst of the cold and dark of January.  More information on Memorial Art Gallery’s website and 585-276-8938.

Pictured: Théodor Rombouts, A Drinker with a Flask. Whitfield Fine Art, London.

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